Another African Clawed Frog plush. Based off our oldest frog who’s 19. He’s a brownish color with a white belly.

Spotted Salamander plush!

Cute and fun Axolotl Pattern! Illustrated and made by me of course.

Goldfish plush- soft and squishy.

Giant Snakehead plush- 24 inches.

New Axolotl pattern * prototype concept.

A golden axolotl plush- as requested by so many people!

Albino African clawed frog plush.

A gear with a key holding a sparkly stone in the middle. Charm.

11.Feb.13 1 year ago

Bottle of Love

A wired-heart in a little glass vial.

11.Feb.13 1 year ago

New labels for Tylonproducts plush animals.

Cat Candle holder- custom design. Metal work from Mid Hill Ironworks.